We work with you to resolve the cause of your pain and use the most appropriate combination of therapy, education and exercise to help you achieve optimal results.

You’ll be properly educated about the anatomy of your condition or injury so you understand what’s happening in your body. You’ll also learn specific exercises to help prevent future problems.

If you’re an athlete, you’ll be guided towards key steps you can take to control and prepare your body for the specific demands of your sport.

As Vancouver’s Sports Chiropractor, Armitage & Associates’ treatment philosophy is catered to your individual needs and helps you reach your physical potential by relieving your body of pain and teaching proper movement patterns.

Most persistent pain problems people experience are due to how they use their bodies on a daily basis at work and at play. Common muscle imbalances and joint dysfunction/misalignments develop over time and need to be corrected by a combination of manual therapy and relearning how to use the regional muscle systems properly for posture, core strength and balance.

About Dr. Robert Armitage

Board certified as a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences, Dr. Robert Armitage specializes in helping people who enjoy active lifestyles, including amateur and professional athletes.

Our clinic provides a full range of services especially designed to deal with active lifestyles and athletic performance. We offer Spinal and Joint Adjustments, X-Rays, Surface Electromygraphic Scanning, Massage Therapy and Soft Tissue Manipulation, Myofascial Release Treatment and medical referral services.

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Discover the Difference

Board certified by the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences, Armitage & Associates brings a unique sports medicine focus to maximize your body’s performance potential:

For over twenty years I have made a living as a professional wrestler, strongman/power-lifter, kickboxer, MMA Fighter and stuntman. This has resulted in significant injuries that, if left unchecked, would have long ago spelled an end to my athletic endeavours. I rely heavily on Dr. Armitage to minimize, and in many cases reverse, the damage that is an inevitable result of my professions, and keep me in working order well beyond the point at which I should have had to retire.”

Sports Chiropractic

Chiropractic Sports Specialists keep active Canadians at their best by treating bone, joint & muscular injuries. Using chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapies, electrotherapies and rehabilitative measures, we help you achieve injury prevention, recovery and peak performance.

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What clients are saying

Chances are, you’re much more interested in what our clients say about us than what we have to say about ourselves. We invite you to take a moment to read some great testimonials from athletes in a wide variety of sports who fully understand the difference between victory and defeat.

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Sports Health Blog

Whether you’re an athlete or not, you want to make the most of the body you have. These articles are offered to give you insights into how your body works, prevent injury, help you recover when injuries do happen, and much more. Enjoy!

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