Dr. Armitage Receives Two National Awards

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Dr. Armitage Receives Two National Awards

One entire year has passed since the thrill and excitement of the Winter Olympics began taking over our beautiful city. It was just about this time last year that the city of Vancouver was celebrating this incredible event, and the feeling of the electricity in the air at the arrival of elite athletes from all over the world.  This was an event like no other that Vancouver had ever seen, and I think we can all agree that it was something that we will never forget.

The Winter Olympics were an enormous part of Armitage & Associates, long before the games arrived in Vancouver. Dr. Robert Armitage played the primary role in introducing chiropractic into the Vancouver Games, and organized the presence of chiropractic in the Polyclinics in the Athlete’s Village (Whistler and Vancouver). This was the first time that chiropractic had had a place in the Host Medical Services in the Olympic Athlete’s Village. Thanks to our own Dr. Armitage and VANOC CMO, Dr. Jack Taunton MD, we hope to see chiropractic services in all future IOC Games Host City Medical Services. This was a sensational feat requiring much determination and commitment, which we all know Dr. Armitage is not short of.

We were thrilled to receive notice that, for his incredible dedication to the Games and his lifetime achievements, Dr. Armitage was honoured with two awards!  First, The Canadian Chiropractic Association Presidential Award of Merit from the Canadian Chiropractic Association. And secondly, The Award for Outstanding Service, Dedication and Commitment from the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Science (Canada). We are all very proud of the hard work that Dr. Armitage has put into the sports medicine community and the 2010 Winter Games. These are amazing achievements that he had focused on for the past five years. Congratulations, Dr. Armitage!


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