A Timeline of Chiropractic Care

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A Timeline of Chiropractic Care

What prompts the new patient to come to the chiropractor is most often the feeling of pain and discomfort. And understandably, the first thing most new patients want is to feel better. So, in the beginning, visits are usually frequent and depending on age, nature of the condition, and lifestyle, visits may continue frequently for weeks or months to reduce the symptoms.

With the ache or pain reduced, the patient enters into the most crucial time of the healing process. Underlying joint, muscle and soft tissue damage remains even after the pain and discomfort are gone.

Unknowingly, the patient begins to place physical demands on the body that is not fully healed and therefore extremely susceptible to re-injury and the re-occurrence of pain.

Also, during this time the question may be asked, “Why should I continue to receive care if I feel fine?” Although the frequency of the visits may begin to reduce now with the ache and pain gone, continued corrective care is required in order to strengthen and heal the damaged tissues.

Without complete healing, discontinuing care at this stage can set the stage for a relapse of your pain syndrome.

During this period of time, patients will find that nearly every time they come in for a treatment the chiropractor will find their condition is not fully healed (i.e. tight muscles, reduced range of motion, ‘stuck’ joints, tenderness to touch, etc.). Over time, these findings will resolve, with treatment visits continuing to become less frequent and recovery from the original problem will be well on the path to being complete.

Occasionally, patients are placed on a program of continued care over an extended period of time to maintain control of a condition constantly aggravated by lifestyle or work conditions. With others, regular chiropractic “check ups” will help preserve their progress.

Periodic visits can help catch little problems before they become major concerns. Wellness-minded adults and their children choose this type of care to look and feel their best. Like other preventative health measures (e.g. dental check up, eye examination, or a car tune up) a chiropractic lifestyle can save time and money by helping an individual stay well and have a higher quality and active life.


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