Welcome to Armitage and Associates!

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As Vancouver's Sports Chiropractor, Armitage & Associates is committed to helping you maximize your performance potential. These articles are provided to help you understand muscle and joint behavior, prevent injury, and aid recover from common activity-related injuries.


Welcome to Armitage and Associates!

Welcome to our offical Blog on Sports Chiropractic Services! We have been practicing for over 20 years and serve the community of Kitsilano and the Greater Lower Mainland of Vancouver, British Columbia.

In this sports-focused blog, we provide insights to how your body works, including articles on muscles, joints, back, neck, knees and more. We’ll give you information on common sports injuries, how to prevent them, and what to do if you encounter them. There are three sections to simplify your navigation. Athletes Corner articles are especially focused on issues related to athletic performance. Chiropractic covers articles about general chiropractic care. Clinic News gives you the latest updates on what’s happening in and around the clinic.

Please get involved in adding your comments and feedback to the articles. We hope to make this a vibrant online resource for our patients as well as athletes and anyone enjoying an active lifestyle around the world.


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