Parking @ Armitage & Associates during Construction Season

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Parking @ Armitage & Associates during Construction Season

As you may have experienced thus far, 4th Avenue is undergoing a series of road blocks and obstacles due to the construction and restoration of the water/sewage lines.  As stated on the City of Vancouver’s website,  the reason this construction is happening is because,  “The current sewer system is over 100-years-old and needs to be replaced. Most of Vancouver’s original sewer system was constructed using “combined” sewers (a single pipe in the street that carries both storm water runoff and sewage). This type of system is prone to causing sewage backup into homes and overflow into surrounding water bodies during heavy rainfall.”


In response to this inconvenience, our office has rented some spaces for our patients to take advantage of while in our office for treatment. Parking is located immediately behind our office, accessed via the alleyway.


Once parked in the designated parking spaces, you’ll follow a series of signs that will lead you to our back door.  We appreciate your participation in this temporary resolution to the 4th Avenue Construction conducted by the City of Vancouver.

parking map - no Macdonald

(Click the picture to enlarge)

For additional information related to the City of Vancouver’s construction plans - Click Here…


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