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Ellen Degeneres & Chiropractic Care

On Wednesday, April 9th, 2013, Ellen DeGeneres reported to have experienced debilitating back pain after moving a large table.  Ellen, who claims that her chronic back pain lead her to resemble that of a hunchback, which in turn terrified her wife, was easily healed by her chiropractic appointment.  As stated on The Ellen DeGeneres show, her treatment visit does not always include an adjustment.  On some occasions, Ellen is provided treatment through different protocols.  For instance, just recently, Ellen experienced a treatment protocol known as myofascial release.

At Armitage & Associates Sports Chiropractic Group, Dr. Armitage uses the same treatment protocols as mentioned in Ellen’s monologue. Ellen spoke of  myofascial release that had helped ease her pain and return to work pain free.  Dr. Armitage has been utilizing this protocol in his practice for over 25 years.  Many of Dr. Armitage’s patients have gained triumphant success (Click here for examples)  with the help of Dr. Armitage’s treatment.

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