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As Vancouver's Sports Chiropractor, Armitage & Associates is committed to helping you maximize your performance potential. These articles are provided to help you understand muscle and joint behavior, prevent injury, and aid recover from common activity-related injuries.


Vancouver Sports Chiropractic Care

For over 20 years, Dr. Armitage has been a part of the Kitsilano community by providing local residents Chirorpractic treatment for their sport related conditions.  Since opening in 1992, Dr. Armitage has attracted athletes from all over Vancouver and western British Columbia to our office.  Through his thorough examinations and effective treatments, athletes at every level of play continue to benefit from his experience.  As an athlete himself, Dr. Armitage understands the value of optimizing performance through maintenance care and exercise.  At Armitage & Associates Sports Chiropractic Group, we ensure you’re given the care and treatment you need to excel at your sport.

In addition to optimizing athletic performance, Dr. Armitage also treats patients for debilitating neck and back injuries.  As stated in the video below, “chiropractic care is the natural approach to whole body wellness.”  Through the video presentation, you may discover that chiropractic care can treat pain in your jaw, neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankles.



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