Sports Chiropractic Treatment for ACL injuries

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Sports Chiropractic Treatment for ACL injuries

Our office is sharing this post as we employ  the same techniques and routines mentioned in this article. We encourage our active patients to do the same practice, especially when training for optimal soccer performance.

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Canadian Chiropractic Association
April 30, 2014

The Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) released a position statement today recommending the FIFA 11+ program for ACL injury prevention in youth soccer players. Soccer has been identified as one of the top three sports contributing to injury rates in Canadian youth (ages 11–18), accounting for greater than 10% of all sport injuries requiring medical attention.1

The FIFA 11+ program is a 20 minute warm-up that consists of 15 exercises, including (1) running, (2) strength, plyometrics, and balance and (3) additional running components. Throughout the program there is a focus on cutting, jumping and landing technique. The 6 exercises addressing strength, plyometrics and balance have three levels of difficulty for progression. The program is intended to be completed before training and game sessions.

CASEM is recommending that all Canadian youth soccer players engage in exercise programs that incorporate neuromuscular, proprioceptive, agility and strength training in their routine practice and warm-ups. They are also recommending that soccer teams collaborate with a qualified health or physical education professional in the institution of an ACL injury prevention program for the team‘s training sessions.

As MSK experts, chiropractors can play an important role in communities across Canada in injury prevention in both amateur and professional athletics. Canadian chiropractors frequently work with amateur athletes as providers, coaches or even as a parent. As evidence-informed practitioners, Canadian chiropractors are encouraged to review the FIFA 11+ program and introduce components to the training and management of young players. The CCA is happy to support such programs as part of our role in health promotion and injury prevention.

The manual for training modules can be found here » Training Manual «

1 Emery CA, Meeuwisse WH, McAllister JR. Survey of sport participation and sport injury in Calgary and area high schools. Clin J Sport Med 2006;16:20–26.





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