Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Dr. Robert Armitage, DC, FRCCSS(C)

Specializing in Chiropractic, Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

Dr. Robert Armitage practices primary care sports chiropractic in the Vancouver community of Kitsilano where he has been in private practice since 1990.

Dr. Armitage began his academic studies at the University of Calgary, achieving Science degrees to a Masters level in Human Anatomy and Exercise Physiology. Dr. Armitage continued his studies obtaining his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto in 1986. Upon graduation and completion of his Internship, Dr. Armitage entered private practice and remained as a part-time faculty member (1986–90) at CMCC in the Department of Health Sciences, Anatomy Division and Department of Clinical Sciences, Orthopedics Division. To pursue his interest in sports injuries, Dr. Armitage enrolled in a Field Residence program conducted by the Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences (RCCSS) of Canada, through Simon Fraser University from 1992–96. Dr. Armitage was awarded Fellowship Status in RCCSS(C) in 1996 following his successful completion of his academic, clinical and research studies and qualification examination.

Dr. Armitage has served the BC provincial College of Chiropractic as licensing examination author and proctor. Dr. Armitage served two consecutive posts on the Executive Board of Directors of SportMedBC. Dr. Armitage presently serves as a Director and Fellowship Residency proctor in the RCCSS(C).

During Dr. Armitage’s pursuit of caring for the athlete, he was contracted as Team Chiropractor by the Grizzlies, Vancouver’s professional NBA team from 1995–2001. Dr. Armitage continues to serve as Chiropractic consultant for primary care at Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre at UBC. Dr. Armitage cares for the general public in their recreational and competitive athletic pursuits as well as competitors from Varsity, Provincial, National and Olympic levels. Most recently, since 2006, Dr. Armitage served VANOC and IOC on the Medical Managers Team, under direction of CMO Dr. Jack Taunton, for the 2010 XXI Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Armitage’s duties included management of all Chiropractic Care Services in the two Athlete’s Village Polyclinics (Whistler and Vancouver) inside the Athletes Villages, select Venues, Spectator and Media centres as well as for the IOC families and members.

Dr. Anthony McDougall, DC, ICSSD

Specializing in Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

Dr. Anthony McDougall graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.Sc. in Biology, where he played varsity basketball for the Calgary Dinos, before attending Palmer West Chiropractic College in California (USA).

After graduating Chiropractic College, Dr. McDougall practiced for 15 years in Florence, Italy. Dr. McDougall has completed extensive post-graduate education including myofascial release techniques, One-To-Zero (OTZ) Frozen Shoulder Technique, Kinesio Taping, and the International Chiropractic Sports Sciences Diploma (ICSSD), the Sports Chiropractic designation of the Federation Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport.

Dr. McDougall introduced the Functional Movement Systems courses to Italy, becoming certified in both the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). Dr. McDougall has had the pleasure of treating many professional and aspiring professional athletes in rowing, cycling, soccer, track, basketball, tennis, volleyball, water polo, football as well as dancers of all ages.

In 2000, Dr. McDougall attended the Olympic Games in Sydney as the chiropractor for a group of 100 and 200 meter runners representing several countries, including the members of the Gold medal 4 x 100 Men’s and Women’s relay teams. The same group of athletes brought him to the various Golden League Athletics events in several European countries. In 2012, his most prestigious moment as a Sports Chiropractor came when he was awarded full accreditation to be the Italian Rowing Team’s official Chiropractor at the Olympic Games in London.

Dr. McDougall joins our rehabilitation team at Armitage & Associates Sports Chiropractic Group with over 15 years experience in treating sports injuries. During his spare time, Dr. McDougall enjoys cycling and watching his three boys play soccer.

Carmine Tong, Registered Massage Therapist

Carmine is a graduate of the 2200hr program from the West Coast College of massage therapy. She has an immense passion for health and wellness in addition to a fascination with the human anatomy and kinetics. Carmine began her career in the corporate world with her background in marketing. During this time, she studied and received her personal training certification and worked as a personal trainer alongside her office day job. However, her passions could no longer be contained and she embarked on a career change 2 years ago to become an RMT. During her time at school she had exposure working with multiple musculoskeletal injuries as she worked in outreaches at Vancouver General Hospital, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, Friends for Life, and the Vancouver Whitecaps, Carmine will work with you to reach your goals whether it may be to improve function and mobility, or to decrease pain and stress.

Pauline Chan

Clerical Assistant

Pauline is a warm and friendly person who welcomes our patience the moment you enter the office with her smile. Pauline’s 20 years of management and administrative experience helps bring an added strength to our team. Pauline has a love for travelling with family and friends, especially throughout the lower mainland. If you’re looking for fun things to see, do and eat, Pauline knows the best places to in the lower mainland. We hear that Pauline is the go-to-person when you have baking or cooking questions, so go ahead and ask her while you’re in our reception area. Pauline enjoys watching Korean dramas and listing to K-Pop as a way to relax. With a great passion for running and cycling, Pauline keeps healthy by staying active.

Vivan Chen

Clerical Assistant

Vivian is an energetic front desk representative at our clinic. She is a dedicated student at UBC with superb organizational vigor and she knows all things sushi and shoes. she enjoys traveling, leisure reading, and conversations about geo-politics. Her favorite books include coming of age novels, science-fiction, and dystopian novels. She is the go to person if you’re looking for interesting facts about Japanese history or Taiwanese politics. She has a talent for finding amazing sales for fabulous additions to your closet, and makes delicious siracha scrambled eggs. Vivian also enjoys daily exercise in her spare time; along with fun activities such as badminton, shopping, and karaoke.

Tricia Leeb-Anderson

Clerical Assistant

Tricia first came to our clinic as a patient in 1997, for her volleyball and sports related injuries, while living in the Kitsilano area. She was so happy with her care and the welcoming environment of Dr. Armitage’s office that when offered, she accepted employment as part of our clerical support team. Tricia and her husband Rick moved to the suburbs to raise their children, which unfortunately for us, ended her 4 years of employment with Armitage & Associates. Through the years, Tricia has always continued her proactive maintenance chiropractic care with our office for her and all the members of her family. Recently, with Tricia’s family maturing, she has become available to return to the office as a member of our support staff. We and our patients welcome her back as our new “Girl Friday.”

Jer Baum

Web Consultant & Social Media Marketer

Jer has worked in both the private and public health care sectors; facilitating treatment plans designed by rehabilitation teams. Jer travelled across Canada in 2011 and arrived in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, where he found he could engage in his philosophy of, and participate in a more active and sports lifestyle.

Jer wished to further his career by tying his philosophy and academic education in the rehabilitative health sciences, which lead him to Armitage & Associates Sports Chiropractic.
Jer was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. While residing in Ontario, Jer earned Bachelors degrees in Physical Education, Disability Studies and Psychology at Brock University. Jer utilized his education while working with people with special needs for over 10 years. Jer joined our team taking on the web design and marketing duties for our chiropractic office.


Office Mascot

Buster, Dr. Armitage’s Jack Russell — Border Collie cross, had been tending to the care of patients and staff alike for 16 years. Buster worked a full schedule of toy-playing, napping on the front office mat, eating doggie treats and greeting our wonderful patients at the door. Buster was a valuable part of our daily office life, and is still here with us everyday; all of our patients couldn’t imagine the office without him. He was sure to give you a warm welcome, especially if you had offered back scratches!

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