Helping you be everything you desire to be is what drives us to excellence in health care. We love to hear stories of victory and challenges overcome by our clients. Here are some of the things our clients are saying about Armitage & Associates.

“Dr. Armitage is the best chiropractor that I have ever visited. His willingness to share his ideas on the treatment process helps me understand why and what is going on with my body and this helps me take care of myself better in between visits. His treatment process validates why I see a chiropractor on a regular basis and is a part of my ongoing plan for health.“

Helena J.
Events Planner

Dr. Armitage has helped me be able to keep moving! Going from almost no running to again competing in marathons and Olympic distance triathlons (without constant aching in my hips and lower back).“

Adam W.

I first became a patient in 2001. I have had a plethora of injuries including a herniated disc, and have recovered from bilateral shoulder surgery and knee sprains and strains. I’m now able to play golf, hockey and water-ski again, with significantly less pain and discomfort!”

Gary B.

Keeping me on the straight and narrow.“

Soo-Mi C.

I came to Dr. Armitage 4 years ago with severe lower back and neck problems that interfered with my life and my desire to mountain trail-run at a competitive level. He has worked with me not only to overcome the pain, but to help with my movement and flexibility so that I am consistently placing in the top 3 of my age group and the top third of total female racers.”

A year and a half ago, I was told by a specialist that I may never play golf or hockey again at the age of 32. After trying physio for a year and getting no results, I took the advice of a team-mate and former patient of Dr. Armitage, and began to see Robert. It has been 20 visits now and I am back on the golf course. The ice rink, which was once a dream, now appears to be a reality for me very soon. Thanks Doc!“
A nerve “issue” at C3-4 & C6-7 (Herniated Discs) with extreme pain brought me to the office a little over 3 months ago. I have since been able to go back to the gym and be active again. I was also able to cycle part of the Kettle Valley Railways with my wife and friends.”

Rick L.

I’m an avid marathon runner, but had to put this on the back burner due to knee injuries. I started treatment with Dr. Armitage in early May, and recently completed the Half Iron Man after not being able to run long distances for months!”

Greg M.
Marathon Runner

I came to Armitage & Associates in 2003 with both chronic and acute lower back pain. Over the past seven years, Dr. Armitage has helped to manage my “aging body” so that at 70, I can still run and play on the jungle gym with my grandchildren!”

Roberta B.
Fitness Enthusiast

I had suffered a major ski accident four years ago, causing me debilitating pain and requiring reconstructive surgery of my knee. I came to see Dr. Armitage in the middle of May, and after 4 weeks of treatment I successfully completed my first full squat in 4 years!”
I’ve been a patient for a year and a half now. I originally came to see Dr. Armitage about an inguinal hernia. I was searching for a non-surgical treatment option. Dr. Armitage really helped me turn the corner with my hernia. After a year of pretty diligent work I was symptom free and haven’t been bothered since. I’m very happy that I was able to heal without the need for surgery.

As an avid endurance athlete I decided that it would be a good idea to continue to see Dr. Armitage on a regular maintenance basis, and I’m glad I did. This past year I set personal bests in two half Ironman triathlons, I improved my Penticton ironman time by 60 minutes, and I had an excellent race in the Whistler Gran Fondo. I would never have been able to log that same amount of training hours or been able to compete at the same level without the treatment and advice I received. During this past year of extensive training and racing, I barely missed any time due to injury. A few small in juries came up but we were able to deal with them quickly and effectively. Thank you Dr. Armitage. Now it’s on to the next set of adventures…”

My lower back pain had become detrimental to my sports and it was obvious that my performance was declining. I was playing Premiere baseball in North Delta and was looking to go on further in the sport. My back pain was keeping me from playing some days and made it hard to run. Since 2006 Dr. Armitage has kept my back healthy and feeling great. I am currently still seeing him for maintenance and in 2007 I was offered a scholarship to play baseball at the University of British Columbia. I am a senior on the team and look to finish my college career strong. Thank you Dr. Armitage.”

Michael E.

I’m a runner and my left hip started bothering whenever I ran for long periods of time. I tried stretching, heat and ice. Sometimes it would go away, but would return as soon as I started running again. So I came in to see Dr. Armitage, and after an examination he said it was my SI. I ended up taking about three months off from running, seeing Dr. Armitage every two weeks, plus doing the exercises suggested. After three months I was able to slowly start to begin running again. Eight months later, I’ve been in two races, came first in my 5km in my age group, and 9th in a Master Mile. Thank you Dr. A for getting me back running!”

Cathy S.

I have been seeing Robert on a monthly basis for over 5 years. As well as chiropractic treatment, he has helped me with stretching and exercising techniques enabling me to overcome injuries and remain competitive. I am now able to compete again on a provincial and national level in wind surfing-swimming-sailing triathlons and aquathons without injury. I am very thankful for Robert’s expertise in the treatment of sports injuries and his philosophy of preventative treatment.
My back injury occurred two weeks before the Canadian Ultimate Frisbee championships. Through assessment, adjustments, and take-home exercises I was able to restore the health of my back to a point where I could play in the championship tournament with little or no back discomfort. Initial assessment showed I had a minor curve to my spine and so I continue to see Dr. Armitage once a month to monitor this. I have been playing sports sine then without any major back issues.”
I came to see Dr. Armitage in 2009 with work/sports related mid-back pain and chronic fatigue. Dr. Armitage’s treatment of my back and hip woes has allowed me to actually enjoy my work as a Canada Post letter carrier again. The ongoing program of strengthening exercises on my own and scheduled treatments has been an effective combination in getting my body healthy again. It has also made me understand how important it is to practice safe methods of work and exercise. My passion for marathon running has been rekindled and I am certainly on the right road to being 100% pain free.“
I hurt myself while exercising at a Boot Camp and while surfing. I had a scan which showed degeneration in the knee joint and a tear in the menisci. I was in severe pain and could not balance or squat down on the right side of my body. My hips and glutes were causing me a lot of pain. I have been a patient for 1 1/2yrs. I am now able to run, play tennis, and climb Grouse Mountain effortlessly and without pain. I even rode the waves in Mexico 9 months after the injury!!! Dr. A is very knowledgeable and most important, trustworthy. Through small steps he is able to guide and rehabilitate. His dog Buster adds a nice touch to office visits.”
For over twenty years I have made a living as a professional wrestler, strongman/power-lifter, kickboxer, MMA Fighter and stuntman. This has resulted in significant injuries that, if left unchecked, would have long ago spelled an end to my athletic endeavours. I rely heavily on Dr. Armitage to minimize, and in many cases reverse, the damage that is an inevitable result of my professions, and keep me in working order well beyond the point at which I should have had to retire.”
Misalignment of my hips, causing chronic hamstring problems was what had brought me to Dr. Armitage six months ago. Seeing Robert has helped me get back onto the soccer field, which I hadn’t been able to do for the previous five months due to chronic hamstring soreness. Since seeing Dr. Armitage six months ago, I have been able to play and stay healthy over the full collegiate season playing for the UBC Men’s Soccer Team.“

Joel L.

My problems go from my neck all the way down to my ankles. I moved from Penticton to Vancouver to be with my girlfriend when I was twenty years old, and luckily, I was referred to Dr. Robert Armitage from my last chiropractor. Seeing all the stunt men, athletes, race car drivers, and day to day people that were being treated by Robert helped me see that I could get back to doing the crazier things in life I used to enjoy.

Thanks to Robert, I now continue to snowboard, long board, rock climb, and have lately gotten back into downhill and free ride mountain biking. Oh, and I can also keep my head down longer to study too. So my ultimate triumph…? I feel young again! I know that sounds silly because I am only twenty three years old, but when you feel as healthy as I do after all the hard falls I’ve had and want to do nothing but get back out there and do it all over… it is one great feeling. Thanks Dr. A!”

When I first came to Dr. Armitage, I had major difficulty pitching and training with my team due to pain in my back and ribcage area. After a few short weeks I was able to start training and pitching with my teammates again. Not only was I able to complete practice, I was able to do it virtually pain free. Thanks Dr. Armitage for helping me continue to play the sport I love!”

Nicole D.

I first came to see Dr. Armitage a year and a half ago when I hurt my back and couldn’t get off the floor for two days. Since then I’m now able to participate in all the sports I play, without any back or neck pain — especially soccer and sailing.”

Mike B.
Soccer, Sailing

I have had neck and shoulder pain for 15 years and wrist issues for about five years. After painting my apartment and joining a dragon boat team, the old injuries started acting up again to the point where I could not sleep at night, as I was in constant pain. I was unsure of whether I could continue with dragon boating but a teammate recommended Dr. Armitage. This is the result of just a few weeks of treatment: I have not felt this pain free for at least 15 years, I sleep like a baby and our team won the gold medal in Penticton in the second division. Thank you, Dr. A!”

Petra R.
Dragonboat Racer

As a patient of Dr. Armitage for over twelve years, I trust him to keep my back healthy and in the shape I need to maintain my busy dancing and teaching career. He understands and recognizes the different demands dancers put on their bodies, and is always willing to take the time to discuss any questions or concerns I may have. Over the years, I have also referred many of my students to him because I know that they will get thorough and knowledgeable care.”

Jessica J.

As an athletic trainer, Tony has been fantastic at unlocking my restricted left hip. I’ve had it worked on by countless medical professionals and hands down Tony’s methods and applications have been far more effective. I make a point to send Tony all my really physically challenging clients! Thanks Tony!”

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