What do Sports Chiropractors do?

What do Sports Chiropractors do?

Faster, Higher, Stronger

Chiropractic Sports Specialists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of sport related injury. They are proficient in injury prevention and rehabilitation measures, and have sound knowledge base of return-to-play criteria.

Here is some information to help you better understand the value of Sports Chiropractic services, and what it can do for your athletic performance:

Optimizing your healthy lifestyle[+] Expand

Achieve peak performance by optimizing your athletic potential

Muscles, tendons and ligaments depend on proper joint movement for peak performance. Spinal and peripheral joint injuries can restrict range of motion, reduce strength, slow reflexes, shorten endurance, and decrease performance. Chiropractic care of these types of injuries has become increasingly popular. Professional sports teams, Olympic trainers, and competitive athletes are employing chiropractic doctors because they demand positive results.

Chiropractic care helps restore function to spinal and peripheral joints that are fixated and not moving properly. Besides helping to relieve pain, chiropractic care can also help reduce inflammation.

Normalizing joint function helps speed the healing of these soft tissues and reduce the deconditioning effect of being on the sidelines. Ask us how chiropractic care can help restore your health, improve your performance, and increase your competitive edge.

Common running injuries[+] Expand

Lower leg injuries are frequent among athletes

For a sport that simply entails putting one foot in front of the other, running potentially exposes athletes to a wide variety of injuries. During a mile of running the feet strike the ground, on average, 800‑1200 times with a force of two to three times body weight. The repetitive nature of this type of stress can be the starting point for a number of overuse injuries.

The most common sports injuries concern the areas of the foot, the lower leg and the knee. The top five conditions most often related to running are Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome, Shin Splints and Achilles Tendonosis. Fortunately, the majority of running injuries are not serious, and most are preventable.

Running injuries happen for a reason. It is important to be able to identify the underlying cause of the injury. The combination of the athlete’s biomechanics, training schedule and environment are all factors that can affect the incidence and the severity of such an injury.

Injury rehabilitation[+] Expand

Faster recovery from injuries

Chiropractic rehabilitation involves the restoration of proper joint function of the spine or extremities, and the strengthening of support muscles and soft tissues. This usually involves specific spinal or other joint adjustments, combined with a program of strengthening, resistance training and exercises to improve muscle tone and coordination.

Some patients receive a set of simple exercises or “maneuvers” they can do at home. Other types of injuries require the use of specialized equipment to isolate and strengthen specific anatomical regions and areas of the spine.

Ask your Armitage clinic specialist for ways you can speed the healing process and strengthen the supporting soft tissues of your spine and body through specialized active rehabilitation.

Helping relieve headaches[+] Expand

How chiropractic can help with headaches

Headaches are often caused by the biomechanical malfunction of spinal bones (vertebra) and the muscles in the neck and upper back.

When vertebra and muscles of the spine lose their normal position or motion, sensitive nerves and blood vessels to the head can be affected. When spinal nerves and related tissues are overworked, stretched or irritated, they can produce throbbing headaches. Aspirin and medications may cover up these warning signs, but they can’t correct the underlying structural and biomechanical cause.

Specific chiropractic adjustments can help correct spinal joint dysfunction created by the various chemical, emotional and physical stresses in our lives.

Many patients report almost immediate headache relief. Others find the correction of their condition takes time because their spinal problem has existed undetected for many years. Every patient responds differently. Regardless of how your body responds to chiropractic care, you should consider using this drug-free approach to relief of headaches.

The Last Word

Many of today’s athletes utilize a sports chiropractor to prevent injury and to improve biomechanical and neuromuscular function with the ultimate goal of enhancing performance. Postural and muscular imbalances as well as overuse or misuse syndromes may inhibit performance and limit further improvement.

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